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My favorite twitch clips & VODs from CapsLockKeyon

I visit Keyon's stream I go to when I want a nice chill relaxed atmosphere with good humor.  If I've had a shitty or stressful day, chilling in this stream always helps turn it around.  So today I've decided to go through his clips, find some of my favs, & push them in front of some more people.  If you're on this webpage I hope Keyon can bring you as many smiles as he has brought me.   So Into You PSA For The Gentlemen Mafuggin cow murder time   Click Here to visit his twitch page!

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How the Hell are People Still Playing Pokémon GO in 2019?

How the Hell are People Still Playing Pokémon GO in 2019? As more of us find ourselves embracing summer fun you may find yourself stumbling upon small gangs of roving nerds and wonder; "Is Pokémon GO still a thing?" And as Pokémon GO has it's third birthday this week I'm here to enthusiastically tell you, "Yes!" So like many of you I picked up my phone during the summer of peace excited to set out on my adventure of catching, battling and training my poképals and often found myself stumped what there even was to do after trying (and [...]

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LGC: The Social Network For Content Creators

With another set of upgrades to the site it's about time for an update post. Let's Look at all the new site features LGC Has to help content creators grow!   Social Profiles New user profiles have an extensive variety of widgets to with spots to feature your videos, skills, projects & more!  Here's Correnzo's profile as an example. Members have a timeline where they can post links to videos & content on external hosting & it will be embeded.   Forums. Introduce yourself to the community, and find other great creators to network with! Get your content featured [...]

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How To Effectively Promote Yourself As A Content Creator

Spamming links not working to grow your twitch following?  You're not doing it right! Would you believe it's easiest to grow your following without ever sharing links?  I'll explain that & more in this article! Social Media Promotion No doubt you're already using social media to promote yourself & if not you should be! Given that social media alone has driven the growth of countless brands it will easily be the best source of free traffic you're going to have access to early on in your career as a content creator.  If what you're doing is spamming links, you're [...]

Fable Anniversary: Infinite gold guide

Hey there Kennnyg here, I was playing Fable Anniversery recently and as much as it's still just as fun as I remember and so nostalgic. If i were to "review" Fable Aniversery: it's amazing. The graphic updates look stunning in my opinion! Lets be honest if you are reading this you enjoy fable as much as I do! Anywho as I was doing my playthrough I get to the Arena and I say to my self "sweet I should try to do the hero save glitch and get that dank gold and exp boost". It didnt work, so I [...]

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Elder Scrolls Online: Level 50 in 15 days!

My quest in ESO began as an adventure to game with my partner again.  She already played ESO and already at level cap so I had to catch up to play content with her.  I had researched classes ahead of time and decided on a warden so I could be healy boyfriendo suportimus maximus.  My laptop is a potato and I really just wanted to get into the game so I rush through character creation, making my character a male high elf with blurry features. The introduction content to ESO felt just like most other MMOs I've played:  Quick [...]

February 15th, 2019|Categories: Community Content|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

A New Direction For Legion Gaming Community

A quick recap of the last 6 years Hi!  I'm Correnzo, & I like games, so much so that a long time ago I founded Legion Gaming Community with some duders I played Eve-Online with AsianFahzaGamer and a happy handful of others. Since then landscape of gaming has changed.  A lot of people are aspiring to make their hobby & passion for gaming their job.  I watched my friends struggle with this, and have had the opportunity to help some.  But I wanted to help more.  So I decided to reboot LGC  and change some things up. A new [...]

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Exploring for ISK – It pays the bills

Exploration in EVE Online is a not-so-simple gameplay feature that has the power to make or break you. As the resident Chaplain in my own corporation, I like to say “Bob giveth, and Bob taketh away“, meaning that while the RNG (random number generator, which determines just about everything and we personify as ‘Bob’ in our own pseudo-religion fueled by wormhole craziness) can bless you with awesome sites, you may also end up rolling into a populated wormhole and getting popped before you know what has happened. In this article, I aim not to preach, but to give tips,tricks, [...]

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WINGSPAN Delivery Services discovers overstock of munitions

  Starting at 21:00 EVE time, an element of Partisan Squadron embarked upon a secret mission with an incredible goal: destruction of a citadel and collection of the spoils. Meanwhile, Chance Ravinne (Head Delivery Pilot of WINGSPAN and Author) was on a mission of his own: a Lowsec roam in his favorite Tengu to deliver munitions to those who may not even know they needed them. Unbeknownst to both parties, their paths were soon to cross in a spectacular display that would please Bob. At 22:20 the shouting started. "Tengu on the Lowsec! Tengu on the Lowsec! He's gonna catch [...]

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