A quick recap of the last 6 years

Hi!  I'm Correnzo, & I like games, so much so that a long time ago I founded Legion Gaming Community with some duders I played Eve-Online with AsianFahzaGamer and a happy handful of others.

Since then landscape of gaming has changed.  A lot of people are aspiring to make their hobby & passion for gaming their job.  I watched my friends struggle with this, and have had the opportunity to help some.  But I wanted to help more.  So I decided to reboot LGC  and change some things up.

A new direction: working with content creators

How are we going to help content creators grow though?  We're turning the LGC website into a high traffic blog that any content creator can contribute to!  A blog doesnt mean just text articles though.  You can embed video clips & highlight reels too!  Any well constructed content that follows our publishing guidlines will suffice.  When visitors to LGC read your content, they'll see your author biography at the bottom of every article.  In this biography you can put introduce yourself, embed your content (like your twitch stream), and give people the option to explore more of your content!

It doesnt stop there though!  LGC has partnered with an advertising network so we can actively rotate embeds of streams on our site, and other partnered gaming websites.  This means we can introduce our content creators to thousands of new viewers every month!

While the team & I have a solid bunch of brains about us, but you can never have too much of a good thing eh?  We'd love for you to join us in our facebook group or discord, so we can network and grow together!

Won't you join us and grow with legion?