Once upon a time, a small group of online spaceship enthusiasts played a game called EvE Online. The group realized they enjoyed many other games as well as the social aspect of gaming,
so we started the Legion Gaming Community. A lot of time has passed since then and we’ve formed a great many friendships along the way. However, time has taken it’s toll, people have come
and gone. Life happens after all. Now we’re looking to turn LGC into more than just a gaming community. We recognize that we have dozens of content creators among our ranks, and we want to
help facilitate their aspiring careers in entertainment and beyond.

How do we plan to do this though?

A majority of our content creators are live streamers on Twitch.tv as well as Youtubers. We aim to give people an additional, high traffic resource to grow their audiences as well as a
wonderful community to network and interact with. Within the next few weeks LGC will be opening to non members, allowing public content contribution. This will be expanding on the outreach
capability of our community and greatly expand upon the audience our members and partners will have access to as well as foster the kind of upwards growth and development we want to see
take shape within all of you! To that end we’re currently looking for two types of input: written content (Reviews, articles of import, educated opinions), or, embedding of Youtube videos
that our members create with a text transcription below detailing the contents for the benefit of our visually impaired friends and viewers.

You can use the social links at the bottom of every page to join our Facebook group and network with fellow content creators. We also kindly ask that you follow our page to stay up to date!
Won’t you come be part of the Legion? We take care of our own.

Interested in being a part of LGC? Click here to talk to join our FB group!

Our Community Staff

Asian Fahza Gamer
Asian Fahza GamerFounder / Head Of Community
I’m just a friendly dude that loves spreading love & entertaining people!
I livestream a variety of games on Twitch TV.

Correnzo stopped gaming & handed the community over to me, so now I’m working with him to turn it into a platform for content creators to talk about what they do!

Correnzo Volkov
Correnzo VolkovFounder, Developer
I founded LGC around 2013. Originally it was just all the people I played eve online with, but we played a bunch of other games together too. Now work keeps me too busy to game but I wanted to see LGC become something so I handed the reigns over to Asian Fahza Gamer so this community could continue to prosper, grow, and be home to a great many gamers & content creators.

I do plan to go back to streaming however I do not think that when I resume streaming that games wil be my primary topic. I’ve come to find that I very much enjoy being an educator and I want to teach people the various methods I’ve used to make money online throughout my life.

Partnered Content Creators
(Coming Soon)

KennyG_TVPartnered Content Creator
Hi names KennyG! I am just starting my journey to streaming. I am 28 years young and wanting to express my passion for gaming while I gain a following of people with kind hearts and like ideas. I have a family of 3. and I work full time at a big time retail store. Being as I have a family my schedule for stream can change with out notice. I will do my best to bring you great content and some laughs we can all enjoy.

You can check me out on twitch by clicking here.