Partner Program

Are you a content creator?  We want you for our partner program!  We're looking for written & video content to featured on our website & social medias.  While anyone can contribute to LGC and have their content featured, we want to organize the regular distribution of content, and create the ultimate platform on which to publish & grow.  To do this, we want to partner with select people already interacting in our community, using our platform, and meeting our requirements below.

To use our platform is simple.  Merely register, and submit written content.  This can of course be acompanied by a relevant youtube or twitch video embed.  Regardless of the presence of video media we're looking for content with a minimum of 500 words for now.

After content is live on our website, over the course of about 2 weeks our website uploads it to multiple social media profiles and other websites, driving traffic & views, and putting your name (and your biography & twitch embed) in front of every user visiting every piece of content you submit.


  • Partnered creators will have their stream featured in ad slots on our website & many others in our ad network to help expose you to new viewers.
  • Partnered creators can go live on LGC social medias.
  • Group of helpful, like minded individuals to network & create with.
  • Time with an expert marketer on our team to guide your growth.

Planned but not yet implemented:

  • When we buy ads in the future there's discussion for featuring content creators in those ads.

Considered but not yet planned:

  • Revenue share from LGC with partnered creators.

What we require from our content creators

  • Be an active member within our community group.
  • Publish content at least twice a month
  • Run a twitch panel with any resource from our Rep Resources page.  If you're on youtube, just tell us how you're going to rep us.  We're flexible & reasonable so don't fret none.
  • Actively promote LGC, it's content & your fellow creators.

If you don't currently meet requirements but think you're an exception and we should work with you, we'd like to to hear from you.  Join our FB group or use the contact form to chat via email.