How to get the first viewers in your stream

Everyone starts at the same place, fresh & new on twitch or another streaming platform reaching toward the common goal of having an audience to interact with.  Some have found the efforts of growing their audience difficult, especially early on and so I found myself inspired to make this guide. Start [...]

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LGC’s Twitter Retweet Bot

LGC has a retweet bot that you can find by clicking here! It's programmed to do the following: Watch a real-time stream of tweets with the hashtags #twitch #twitchtv #smallstreamer. Retweet every 45 seconds to stay just under twitter's rate limit. Like going live posts to help them be seen by [...]

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How the Hell are People Still Playing Pokémon GO in 2019?

How the Hell are People Still Playing Pokémon GO in 2019? As more of us find ourselves embracing summer fun you may find yourself stumbling upon small gangs of roving nerds and wonder; "Is Pokémon GO still a thing?" And as Pokémon GO has it's third birthday this week I'm here [...]

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How To Effectively Promote Yourself As A Content Creator

Spamming links not working to grow your twitch following?  You're not doing it right! Would you believe it's easiest to grow your following without ever sharing links?  I'll explain that & more in this article! Social Media Promotion No doubt you're already using social media to promote yourself & if not [...]

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Fable Anniversary: Infinite Gold Guide

Hey there Kennnyg here, I was playing Fable Anniversery recently and as much as it's still just as fun as I remember and so nostalgic. If i were to "review" Fable Aniversery: it's amazing. The graphic updates look stunning in my opinion! Lets be honest if you are reading this you [...]

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Elder Scrolls Online: Level 50 in 15 days!

My quest in ESO began as an adventure to game with my partner again.  She already played ESO and already at level cap so I had to catch up to play content with her.  I had researched classes ahead of time and decided on a warden so I could be healy [...]

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Exploring for ISK – It pays the bills

Exploration in EVE Online is a not-so-simple gameplay feature that has the power to make or break you. As the resident Chaplain in my own corporation, I like to say “Bob giveth, and Bob taketh away“, meaning that while the RNG (random number generator, which determines just about everything and we [...]

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