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[Sticky] Forum Guidelines

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This forum is a great place to make a first impression on your community!  Introduce yourself & tell us everything!  How'd you get into gaming?  What're your best memories?  What're your funniest moments (can you share any? (clip embed are totally cool here)).

Help your fellow community members connect with you!  Don't forget to link all your socials!

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Hey Everyone, 

So my real name is Jonathan, but everyone on the internet knows me as Relicz. I have been gaming really for as long as I can remember. I think the first actual memory I have of gaming is probably playing Donkey Kong Country on the N64. After that I remember seriously slaying all the NPC I could in Spyro. Man was that a game! A few years ago, I got into the streaming and gaming community very heavily. I climbed pretty quickly and gained affiliate status on Twitch. However, as we all know life happens. This caused me to take a few year hiatus from all streaming and gaming platforms. Since then, I have rebranded myself and started back down that path; except this time I have a plan. Along with all of this, I have my own Youtube channel where I am trying to work out my personality on there as well. What I mean by that is, what type of content do I want to create. I have created a few different type of videos and just gauging the communities response to see what part of my niche best fits that platform. 


Not only do I want to be a monetized partnered streamer. I want to create a brand that is marketable across the gaming community. I want to write eBooks to help other content creators be successful. I aspire to create my own platform one day and create a place where gamers and nerds can just geek out. But more importantly then everything I just said, I want to create lasting friendships. I want to network and help grow a community that I want to be a part of. So honestly, if you ever need anything, need to talk,  have questions, want to duo it up on a game or just want to geek out. Let me know, if I can I will definitely link up with you. I am very active on my Twitter and obviously my Twitch. I will link them all below.  


I cannot wait to meet you all and get to know you! See ya around! 




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TikTok: @therelicz