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Goddess Introduction!  


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10/12/2019 9:19 am  


Hello! Im your gal! 🙂

I stream to twitch!  

I upload vods/Vids to Youtube!


DISCORD! Come chat hang out meet fun and interesting people. Seriously get your feet wet, say hi the worst thing that will happen is nothing at all. HAH

Names I go by are many and varied. It doesn't really what my name is. Its what I do that matters. That's the reason for the name. Its anonymous every shifting and meaningful. Its a title to uphold, to be, and a constant reminder of what to attain to. An idea of perfection; its an ever changing thing. What that means is up to the game. And up to the individual. 

OH MY GOD HOW DRAMATATIC ZZZZ. Hey my names  Yes I've watched Naruto and god dammit no. Ninja however Yes. Shinobi represent. Hell yeah the buried gem masterpeice on ps2. That game holds up today.

Ahem. SO, I love struggle I love puzzles I love art, I love streaming. Before twitch ever was a thing its something ive wanted to do ever since well- I played games with my friends in the basement of their houses. Playing GTA San Andreas on end, or trying to beat Superman with the ring flying oh god its AWFUL, or playing Medieval Total war II for half the day, or beating all guy friends in every video game like TimeSplitters 2 or Killzone split-screen. With Smash Brothers Melee being the exception. Where my Ganons at.

Im busy with life, and holy shit my life is usually cazy, i try to keep it as boring as possible. But wouldnt know it can get out of control extremely fast. HAH I WONDER WHY.

So.. to start.. for like the 5th time. My gaming life started with a Bailies Arcade System. Played Space Invaders.. and 1 of 7-8 simple programs on paper slip punchouts.

I remember going into a Circuit City for the first time ever. The smell of fresh plastic.. and Computers.. of technology... Computers.. everywhere.. Blackberry phones costing a fortune.. Windows 95 pc's costing 8 thousand dollars... My family buying one as a long term investment.. until of course the next few months the price of pc's dropped and halved and then plummeted shortly after..I played the flight Sim that came with the PC all the time non stop. i played Chex mix I got in a cereal Box. I played the Demo disc of Darkforces a hundred times back to back the same 3 levels over and over because i was obsessed with star wars. I remember getting Diablo 2.. In the box..(ahh the raised surface and details..oooh .. ahhh) the game had been for sale for years.. At the front of every store.. even in weird places.. I found it odd that the picture of Satan was basically the storefront for like everywhere at the time. Played time crises and something on a Sega Saturn.. and then played Resident Evil 2 on the same night for the first time and was absolutely terrified, I never saw a zombie before and i was raised as a good lil girl. HUE HUE. The rich kid was older than me he even had a hand held Sega Genisis. the Same one you saw in Surf Ninjas and Terminator 2 Judgement Day. Holy shit so fucking cool. 90's were so fucking awesome. Embrace the cheese. I remember Chuckie Cheese and playing ninja turtles with my Grandmas quarters.. Hell yeah. I miss arcades.

After that got a Sega Genesis.. and played Sonic the Hedgehog 2.. Toe Jam and Earl: Panic In Funkotron.. and X-MEN with the sickest soundtrack next to sonic's.

I graduated to a Playstation... I can still remember the smell of game stores.. and the fresh plastic and the pamphlet books that you would get inside of them.. with Final Fantasy 7 being a long recommendation from my Bully Friend in School at the time. I had no idea what the hell a RPG game was.. till i played it. And I Loved it. I got tons of games there, spent all my allowance I ever earned. 

From there.. got a Playstation 2 and 55 games followed. I couldn't beat them fast enough. Every day Home from school. I stayed late after school If i had to. I carried my entire locker with me from class to class, I got BUFF as FUQ BOI. Its where I developed my tired eyes, my skinniness, my entirely scary demeanor and always tiredness. Its also where later in high-school how afraid everyone was of me because apparently I needed glasses and blurry vision was actually not normal. It stunted my growth. I never connected with people because I couldn't read facial expressions. That's why I got so good at artwork too. My face was glued to the T.V. the same as paper.

Till my friend introduced me to computers.. and.. fps games? Wait whats this.. a Lan party with a bunch of boys? Oh shit. SOURCE. 18K plus hours later. and 2 global resets of steam that they dont tell you about.. oh yeah. Im in deep.

Feel free to add me on steam too. Im always around even when im not. Gotta have faith~ For Science.