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Hi! I'm Correnzo! I founded this place way back when in a galaxy far far away

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Hi!  I'm Correnzo, founder & host of the Legion Gaming Community!  By day (and most nights) I'm usually doing a bunch of work consusting of running a hosting company, performing cloud administration, & running an advertising & consulting agency.  When I find time to game, I enjoy team play oriented games & I'm a huge fan of shooters & flight sims.  I've been a fan of gaming since I was a kid, with titles like Descent 1,2 & 3 on windows98 being among my first completed games.  I started LGC with the friends I played EvE Online with & it kind of blossomed from there.  We had a great run in EvE, and maybe some day I'll publish some of our stories.  But after we left New Eden, a lot of our dudes started to find a new direction for their gaming career, and a lot of them turned to content creation as a pleasurable part of this pasttime.

So with the new direction of my friends I decided to retool our website from being a hive of space piracy (that's no typo) to a community platform to help content creators grow.  My skills in tech helped us to not only stay on the bleeding edge in EvE, but literally own it.  I want to do that for my content creating friends, and anyone else that wants to join us.  We've always been a "doors open" community.

So, here I am.

I don't have much time to game, as I'm frequently between the US & Canada & always working.  When I can find time to game it's usually some warframe with AsianFahzaGamer  & I wouldn't mind more poeple to play it with.  I'd also love to find some people to play GTA 5 or Arma 3 with (when I'm in canada).

I don't get to stream that much, and when I do it's usually on LGC's facebook page.  I have no regularity or schedule.  That's how my streaming started and always will be.  Don't really care much about growing or putting on a show.  I just stream to stream when I can if I feel like it.

I like helping people.  I chill in discord pretty frequently during the afternoon & evenings.  Come say hi!

I'll be your logi, come join my fleet,
Through this fight, I'll carry your leet,
Boosts for all from the FC's legion,
The golden fleet won't be beaten!

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