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28/06/2019 3:24 pm  

Hello everyone!

I am William Corvus, previously known as Phaedranor or Pineapple depending on the day, and I have been a part of LGC since it's inception over a decade ago and now occupy the position of Administrative assistant. LGC has gone through several stages and changes over the years and it's community and staff have changed right alongside it. Growing up as a gamer on the SNES, N64, PS, PS2, PS3 and finally PC I've had the opportunity to experience some of the best and worst this world has to offer in terms of videogame entertainment but by far the most enjoyable aspect of all of this has been the interaction with and the growth of the communities in which we thrived and strived to be the best at whatever it was we wanted to be on any given day. Once I realized the satisfaction of helping others experience and enjoy some of what I loved most about videogames surpassed at times the enjoyment of playing them myself I made the choice to start focusing on growing a community of my own consisting of like-minded individuals focused on sharing the joy they gained from our corner of the online world. 

Strapping myself in to learn the ins and outs of webpage management, trend tracking, SEO concepts and applications has been a rough-and-tumble ride with more than a few bumps in the road but I am committed to becoming a better individual with greater capability to do exactly what I want to do in this sphere which is to grow by growing others. Applying my preexisting knowledge in the fields of human resources, conflict resolution and psychology has absolutely assisted in making this process somewhat smoother but the skills picked up on the fly from figuring out just exactly how I managed to $#%* something up as badly as I did and, more importantly, how to fix it is definitely what has made me into a kluge-ball of eclectic knowledge held together by sheer force of will and determination.

I am looking forward to spending more time here within the LGC site and discord which you will find me most days puttering around cursing some god forsaken piece of technology most likely doing it's job of allowing myself to mess up just as badly as I did. If you ever see me around I welcome idle chats or discussions about games, trends or ideas so please hit me up! ? 

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01/07/2019 5:43 pm  

Nice to meet you, William! Thanks for all your hard work you've thrown into LGC! I hope one day LGC will be a community filled with people willing to share your pain with tech troubles At the very least, we should all be thankful that technology is patient with our mistakes and will always be there when we find a way to fix them.

I'm on Twitch!

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