With another set of upgrades to the site it's about time for an update post.

Let's Look at all the new site features LGC Has to help content creators grow!


Social Profiles

New user profiles have an extensive variety of widgets to with spots to feature your videos, skills, projects & more!  Here's Correnzo's profile as an example.

Members have a timeline where they can post links to videos & content on external hosting & it will be embeded.



Introduce yourself to the community, and find other great creators to network with!

Get your content featured on LGC's social medias here!  We want clips & videos of your content to feature on our social medias, you can drop em here for review!

Suggestions on site & community direction!  I love Input on what to do or where to go with something!

Q&A ask for help, get it from your fellow content creators!  I made this site because I kept getting asked where someone could go to network with content creators that wasnt spammed with self promotion.  So ask away. Maybe you'll inspire a new creation with your question!


Creator Tokens.

Creator Tokens are a thing we decided to create to give back to our users.  They're rewarded for various interactions on the website, with publishing content and rewards per views being among your biggest earners.

They'll be redeemable for various things in our store in the future, from advertising to swag & services.




Thanks for reading!  Don't forget to check out our raffle contest over here.  There's 1 free entry for everyone!