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Tenebris Corvus

Hello everyone! I am William Corvus, previously known as Phaedranor or Pineapple depending on the day, and I have been a part of LGC since it's inception over a decade ago and now occupy the position ...

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3 years ago
I'm an Xbox/PC streamer on Twitch!

I've been seriously streaming on Twitch for about4 months under the name EndgamePhoenix. It started off as playing Destiny 2, then some indie games, but now I've got a pretty good schedule/lineup now....

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3 years ago
RE: I'm an Xbox/PC streamer on Twitch!

@sairynraine, I hope you get back into Destiny one day, too. With Activision no longer being in the picture, Bungie is doing amazing things with Destiny that many fans didn't even know we wanted. Fini...

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3 years ago
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About me

Correnzo Volkov

Self Employed Internet Emperor

I'm a self taught web guy that's been furthering my online skillset since I was 15. I do a lot of development & design even though I'm far from the best at the latter. I spend a lot of time working on various web based projects like LGC.

When I can find time to game between work & travel, I enjoy FPSs & space sims that have a focus on teamwork like Arma3, Elite Dangerous & EvE Online (I quit EvE after 13 years).


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