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What do you feel is your biggest struggle with streaming?

I figured I'd start off this forum by asking what peoples biggest struggles are with streaming. So please, vote things you agree with as the best answer and comment them if you don't see them. When w...

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2 years ago

Welcome Roy! Thanks for joining LGC! I think Nova is a beautiful name for your daughter. I look forward to when I can join your stream or talk in discord! Hopefully soon!

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3 years ago
RE: I'm an Xbox/PC streamer on Twitch!

Welcome buddy! Can't blame you for staying with bungie, I loved halo1 on PC, spent many a late night fragging on the ring. Thanks for being the first to post a bit about you! I look forward to check...

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3 years ago
Hi! I'm Correnzo! I founded this place way back when in a galaxy far far away

Hi! I'm Correnzo, founder & host of the Legion Gaming Community! By day (and most nights) I'm usually doing a bunch of work consusting of running a hosting company, performing cloud administrati...

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3 years ago
Forum Guidelines

This forum is a great place to make a first impression on your community! Introduce yourself & tell us everything! How'd you get into gaming? What're your best memories? What're your funniest ...

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3 years ago
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About me

Correnzo Volkov

Self Employed Internet Emperor

I'm a self taught web guy that's been furthering my online skillset since I was 15. I do a lot of development & design even though I'm far from the best at the latter. I spend a lot of time working on various web based projects like LGC.

When I can find time to game between work & travel, I enjoy FPSs & space sims that have a focus on teamwork like Arma3, Elite Dangerous & EvE Online (I quit EvE after 13 years).


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