Few things feel better than helping people achieve their dreams. I think that's why I'm here.

Correnzo Volkov



Feature Yourself

This is where a featured video would go on your profile, about you, introducing yourself to other creators.

So far, YT videos work great here. Still working on getting twitch videos to convert & display correctly.

I'm leaving an eminem track here instead of an about me because my focus is on finishing this site, not my profile on it. I do fugging love this track though.

featured project

LGC - Legion Gaming Community

Legion Gaming Community has always been the place I went to game with friends.

If you're reading this, you probably have already realized we turned it into more than just a gaming community. We want this to be the community for up & coming content creators.

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Problem Solving
Digital Marketing
Systems Administration
Software & Web Development
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How To Effectively Promote Yourself As A Content Creator

Spamming links not working to grow your twitch following?  You're not doing it right! Would you believe it's easiest to grow your following without ever sharing links?  I'll explain that & more in this article! Social...

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Social Media Management

It's pretty much what it sounds like. Posting content engaging with an audience. The end goal being brand growth & conversions on site (sign ups, purchases etc).

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Advertising is cool, but anyone can buy adspace. Digital Marketing is using analytics data to profile visitors & customers, so you can market to similar people likely to convert. My hosting company is also an ad agency with FB & others.

Web Hosting

Web hosting. There is no better way to have your brand stand out than having its own dotcom. Websites need servers to serve them to visitors.