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My favorite twitch clips & VODs from CapsLockKeyon

I visit Keyon's stream I go to when I want a nice chill relaxed atmosphere with good humor.  If I've had a shitty or...

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They Weren’t Watching Intel….

I was watching BrotherGrimoire host the Dead Terrorists Intel Stream on twitchTV and made a clip because damn, they werent watching intel! Also I mislabeled...

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LGC: The Social Network For Content Creators

With another set of upgrades to the site it's about time for an update post. Let's Look at all the new site features LGC Has...

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How To Effectively Promote Yourself As A Content Creator

Spamming links not working to grow your twitch following?  You're not doing it right! Would you believe it's easiest to grow your following without ever...

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Elder Scrolls Online: Level 50 in 15 days!

My quest in ESO began as an adventure to game with my partner again.  She already played ESO and already at level cap so...

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Correnzo Volkov

Self Employed Internet Emperor

I'm a self taught web guy that's been furthering my online skillset since I was 15. I do a lot of development & design even though I'm far from the best at the latter. I spend a lot of time working on various web based projects like LGC. When I can find time to game between work & travel, I enjoy FPSs & space sims that have a focus on teamwork like Arma3, Elite Dangerous & EvE Online (I quit EvE after 13 years).


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