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    Views ImmMeta Has Shared His Music For Streamers To Use Copyright Free!

Meta has decided to allow any streamer to use his music copyright free! Meta is an electronic music producer, mixing and mastering engineer, and label...

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Star Shift Game Giveaway

ABOUT THE GAME All of the below information is available on the steam store page by clicking here. Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos.The year...

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How to get the first viewers in your stream

Everyone starts at the same place, fresh & new on twitch or another streaming platform reaching toward the common goal of having an audience...

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LGC’s Twitter Retweet Bot

LGC has a retweet bot that you can find by clicking here! It's programmed to do the following: Retweet it's followers who @ it. Randomly...

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They Weren’t Watching Intel….

In this clip I was watching BrotherGrimoire play EvE Online with his gang Dead Terrorists. They snuck up on a dreadnought & blapped the...

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About me

Correnzo Volkov

Self Employed Internet Emperor

I'm a self taught web guy that's been furthering my online skillset since I was 15. I do a lot of development & design even though I'm far from the best at the latter. I spend a lot of time working on various web based projects like LGC.

When I can find time to game between work & travel, I enjoy FPSs & space sims that have a focus on teamwork like Arma3, Elite Dangerous & EvE Online (I quit EvE after 13 years).


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