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How To Effectively Promote Yourself As A Content Creator

Spamming links not working to grow your twitch following?  You're not doing it right!

Would you believe it's easiest to grow your following without ever sharing links?  I'll explain that & more in this article!

Social Media Promotion

No doubt you're already using social media to promote yourself & if not you should be! Given that social media alone has driven the growth of countless brands it will easily be the best source of free traffic you're going to have access to early on in your career as a content creator.  If what you're doing is spamming links, you're hurting yourself by not working with these social media engines.  By working with these social media platforms, posting interactive content that makes people want to interact with you.That will make the platform connect people to you, as that's what they're built to do is connect people.

Links such as live now posts don't effectively connect people on the platforms in question, so it would benefit you to stop prioritizing live now posts.  The live nows don't just harm the reach of the post with the link in it, but they affect the posts after that.  Links as a post type (being any post with a link embeded) are penalized merely because social media platforms want to keep their traffic on their own site where it's most profitable.  Links however also lower the reach of posts after that, because if the one before it appeared generic the algorithm will assume this next post probably is too.  If a post does well and has a good engagement ratio, the posts after it will not suffer any penalizations in reach and exposure in reach & exposure.  It's easy to make a quality engaging post by merely inspiring interaction with visual stimulation, and not punishing your initial reach by including a link.

So if links on social media are penalized in reach, what do you do to still reach people if you're not posting links?

In the instance of Facebook you should have a "learn more" button on your page that links to your twitch stream.  If you do, then your FB followers can use it to get to your stream without having to click on a post containing a link.  For Twitter you can put this link in your biography.  All social media platforms value engagement above all else.  Comments matter more than shares, which matter more than likes.  Earn that interaction before your stream & it will get more eyes on your stream as well as interaction within it!

Let's elaborate on how to share more than just links & how to interact with your audience on social media.  It's as simple as posting pictures & video clips of your content, asking your audience questions or telling them about your day.  Those are just some basic examples to get you started as there's lots you can do to interact with your audience, even posts telling that you're live (as long as you make it a captivating video or picture)!

Taking all of the above into consideration, you can now easily promote yourself without penalty by merely posting in advance of your streams in an engaging manner.  This promo content should be a video clip or a picture, grabbing the attention of your potential viewers, saying what you're going to do when you go live and at what time.  Be entertaining about it though.  If you can make them smile or laugh you're doing it right because those people are the ones that are going to like/comment/share your posts.


If anybody wants to grow, you need to learn how to promote yourselves. You can take a lot of pointers from wrestling turns out. When promoting your channel it always needs to be about what you do and who you are. As what Dusty Rhodes does in the ring and who he is and what he's about.... What do you do in your channel? What are you about?

What's Your Ring? What are you going to show me? Make Me want to buy a ticket to your event, before the event. Not just every time you are live already. ~ CryptixFTW.

Sell ^that^ ticket every time you promote your streams.  The people that do it grow explosively.  Every time you ever heard last-minute something you wanted to attend was happening, you probably didn't go because you had no notice.  Give your followers the notice & get them HYPED about it!



Networking with other streamers

Seriously, this is sofa-king huge.  They're not your competition.  Think back to live TV, remember how the post-roll would mention what was next and sometimes keep you there to watch it?  That's what streamers should be doing for each other at the end of streams.

A regular amount of time needs to be dedicated to networking.  Time needs to be spent being a part of other people's streams too.  Other streamers will remember your name if you're active in their stream chat.  This is a great way to make some new friends.

You can one-up that interaction by ending your streams with raids.  Shout out a friend that's live, direct your viewers to them.  Try to make it a different person every time and keep some variety in there.  Your show is essentially at an end, so you might as well find a show that's worth watching and direct the eyes of your viewers there.  This will come back around for you in the long run, but you need to be proactive about it.  People won't return that favor if you haven't done it, and enough to leave a mark.  It doesn't matter if you only have 2 viewers, you're making someone feel really good when you give those viewers to them and that will make them more inclined to want to return the favor.

Niche Content Websites & Blogging

Websites are another fun & interactive way to keep in touch with your viewerbase.  Livestreaming is wonderful for quickly connecting with people but is highly restricted by it's inconveniance.  Live streaming is great for quickly connecting with people but it's also just inconvienant.  Let's think about TV for a moment as a comparison.  Do you tune in for live programs or do you watch it on demand with services such as YouTube & Netflix?  Probably on demand right? Don't you think the majority of content consumers want to consume content on their own schedule? So make content for them!  You first thought is probably YT and that's great (no really it is), but written content ranks extremely well on search engines & has the benefit of being easy to consume on demand.

There are several community websites that will let you publicly publish on them & LGC is a wonderful example.  The benefits to publishing content on these community sites is that they usually have well a established social media presence & good SEO driving their traffic.  If you publish & submit content on these websites your content can be earning you numerous additional views from the eyes already being drawn to those websites, and a measurable ammount of those will convert to followers, viewers & donors.

On our website we encourage your twitch be embedded in your bio as it appears beneath each of your published pieces of content.  When you publish here, we want you to get real benefit from it.  Millions of people are always searching for new content to absorb at their own rate.  We want to help put you in front of them.  All you have to do is register (its free)! Please read our publishing guidelines before you submit content!

Community Content Game Guides

Fable Anniversary: Infinite Gold Guide

Hey there Kennnyg here, I was playing Fable Anniversery recently and as much as it's still just as fun as I remember and so nostalgic. If i were to "review" Fable Aniversery: it's amazing. The graphic updates look stunning in my opinion! Lets be honest if you are reading this you enjoy fable as much as I do! Anywho as I was doing my playthrough I get to the Arena and I say to my self "sweet I should try to do the hero save glitch and get that dank gold and exp boost". It didnt work, so I only get the once through Arena. Now to figure out how to get more gold! I want to share this guide I wrote for what i was able to find out.

Now in order to do this trick at the beginning of the game all you need to start is 214 gold. Spoiler you will be able to buy what ever you want in Albion if you follow this guide. So if you want to keep the gameplay vanilla and don't want to wreck everything in your path don't read any further!

After you leave the Heros Guild you are able to go to Bowerstone South. Depending on how you spend your time in the "tutorial" you may have to do the first quest (Wasp menace) to recieve the gold you need for this little trick. By the end of the Wasp Menace I had a little over 500 Gold. I know i said you only need 214 however this way you have plenty of gold for the tavern. This was enough to perform as I like to call it the dumb trader, I sold the wepons I got in the "tutorial" for the extra gold i was gonna need to get this done quikly. Once you enter Bowerstone south there will be trader to your right, as long as it is daylight out side. Lets talk to the trader shall we?

When the trader window opens it will be on "everything" tab. Cycle over to the little apple or produce tab if you will. You will see he has over a hundred green apples for sale also how many days it will take for the trader to receive his next shipment of Green apples. Leave the trader and head to the tavern, get some rest depending on the amount of days the trader has before he recieves the next shipment. When I got to this point I had to spend 140 gold resting in order for the trader to have max green apples. Good thing I had that extra gold from the "tutorial" wepons and the compleated quests.
When you go back to the trader you are going to buy all (214) green apples. To explain: the green apples show they are sold at 1 gold. There is a four in parenthes*(4), that's how much the trader is buying green apples for. You get a 3 gold profit per green apple, 642 gold for all 214 apples. If you have more green apples in your inventory sell them too it will only add to the profit! Do this how ever long you want for as much gold you want.
Move on to other products, as long as they are in large quanity and are selling for a profit. You can eventually do this with gifts, gems, wepons and armor make thousands of gold in a short time just buying and selling. With this simple guide you can be the richest man in Albion in no time. Good or Evil this will work for you! Play your style Hero!

Community Content

Elder Scrolls Online: Level 50 in 15 days!

My quest in ESO began as an adventure to game with my partner again.  She already played ESO and already at level cap so I had to catch up to play content with her.  I had researched classes ahead of time and decided on a warden so I could be healy boyfriendo suportimus maximus.  My laptop is a potato and I really just wanted to get into the game so I rush through character creation, making my character a male high elf with blurry features.

The introduction content to ESO felt just like most other MMOs I've played:  Quick and simple, taking about an hour to wade through.  After what would easily be my longest evening playing ESO (maybe 5 hours strait) I logged off at lvl 8.  The next day I logged in to spent most of the time doing some random adventuring with the remainder of my time being a seasonal event quest with my partner, and getting a house.

At the end of my second day I noticed quest XP tapering off, and in my third and fourth days I could really feel it.  I was starting to level really slowly and this was frustrating.  I didn't want to quest for a lot of different reasons: I wanted to enjoy the lore and not rush for XP, and it was slow to work through a quest chain to only have the last one yield experience.  Quests quickly became not worth it.

By level 20 I'm looking for something new to do for experience but I didn't know what to do.  I usually quest around with my partner but she was playing something else this evening.  Since she's not a dungeon or PVP person and I am, I decided to que up for a random and see how it went.  I had built my character as a healer, and was about to heal my first dungeon.

I had quite the time in the dungeons!  In my first one I gained 2 levels in 20 to 30 minutes, and simultaniously discovered there's a daily reward for the first random dungeon you do a day, so there's extra XP to be had for letting the game randomly choose your dungeon & party.  I enjoyed the dungeoning experience and did a few more that night, gaining a nice handful of levels and some new useful gear.  I also started to put together my first item set.  After some quick googling I realized there was a ton of sets to be had in the game, and it is not as hard in ESO to put together a full set while leveling.

The next day that I played, I did my daily dungeon first, and then decided to que up and give the battlegrounds a shot.  While I waited in que I added a few DPS spells to my bar.  Wowee was trying the battlegrunds worth it!  I got a level and a half worth of XP, and qued up for another.  When my team came in second, and then third the match after that I was able to deduce that it paid good XP no matter what, but second and first place teams get the most XP, with first getting the most overall.  I quickly realized that streaks of first place wins were my fastest way to level, realizing I was gaining 2-3 levels an hour.  Winning battlegrounds also acrues the currency of Alliance Points, which can be spent on gear that is scaled to your level, no matter what level you are.  Taking first place in the battlegrounds yields 12k points, the price of a weapon from the vendor.  This was a terrificly small sum as I was making 50k+ AP a day, so I would often replace my weapon first thing every day.  In all my time gaming, having a purple weapon while leveling has always been a huge helper so it was awesome to be able to spend pretty much the entire time leveling, and hit chamption, with purple weapons that are maxed for me.

I repeated this mix of casually running dungeons and battlegrounds pretty much every day until level cap.  I played almost every day, taking a day off here and there, and most of the time I played for around 2 hours.  I did check and log my time with the /played command, but early on I made the mistake of staying logged in while AFK several times.  All in all I think I spent 30 to 35 hours leveling to hit 50/champion, and when I realized I hit 50 in 15 days I decided to document the experience.


Here's some notes and tips and a faster leveling experience.

  • At lvl 10, battlegrounds and dungeons become available.  Successfully complete one a day for a hefty chunk of bonus XP.
  • Dungeons drop sets, great for gear.  After doing the daily random you can just select which dungeon you want to que for so you can farm your set gear & bonuses.
  • Taking first place in a battlegrounds yields 12k alliance points.  Second place yeilds 6k.  Last place yields nothing.
  • Alliance points can be spent on primary weapons, and potions give mana/health as well as also giving 20s buffs, as well also selling foodbuffs that last an hour or two.



Community Content Game Guides

Exploring for ISK – It pays the bills

Exploration in EVE Online is a not-so-simple gameplay feature that has the power to make or break you. As the resident Chaplain in my own corporation, I like to say “Bob giveth, and Bob taketh away“, meaning that while the RNG (random number generator, which determines just about everything and we personify as ‘Bob’ in our own pseudo-religion fueled by wormhole craziness) can bless you with awesome sites, you may also end up rolling into a populated wormhole and getting popped before you know what has happened.

In this article, I aim not to preach, but to give tips,tricks, and information about scanning that may save your ship, your cargohold, your pod, and your dignity.

Scanning 101:

Cosmic Anomalies: These are sites that you don’t have to scan down to access but include combat sites featuring hostile NPCs and are often ran to make isk via PVE, referred to as “krabbing”. These sites are of no use for exploration, so you may safely ignore cosmic anomalies by using the “filter” option in the probe scan window.
Cosmic Signatures: These are locations in space that you have to scan down with core scanner probes to access. There are a few types of cosmic signatures, but not all of them are of interest to someone who wants to scan for profit. These start their lives as red lines that progress to yellow and then finally green as you scan them.

Combat Sites: Much like the combat sites in the Cosmic Anomalies tab, these sites contain hostile NPCs that can be killed to make money. Some sites, such as The Maze (found in NullSec; be careful, anyone can shoot you), can be bookmarked and sold in a contract.

Gas Sites: Features clouds of gas that are mined for profit using specialized harvesters and mining ships. Provided you can clear the 1-time spawn of hostile NPCs and not get killed by other players, one ore-hold in a Venture can cover any losses if you were to be killed.

Relic Sites: These are your bread and butter as an explorer and require a Relic Analyzer module to access, following a hacking minigame. Relic Sites can contain untold millions of isk in a single can, ready to be taken by any entrepreneur skilled enough to seek them out. They are found in every aspect of space, including wormholes, with the most profitable sites being found in NullSec and Wormhole space. For any self-respecting explorer, maximum profit is the goal, so don’t be afraid to take a cheap ship wormhole diving to find your fortune. The rule of thumb regarding Relic sites is thus: If it’s faction (Angel, Guristas, etc), it’s safe. If it’s not (Forgotten Frontier, etc), don’t mess with it, you will die.

Data Sites: These are the little brother of Relic Sites and are accessed after passing a hacking minigame by using a Data Analyzer module. They’re like the relative locked away in the basement when company comes over because they’re rather embarrassing. Simply put, Data sites are not worth the time to do because they are not as profitable as their relic counterpart.

There are a few exceptions to this, however: Covert Research Facilities, Abandoned Research Complexes, and Sleeper Caches.


Covert Research Facilities:
These sites contain 4 cans that can contain expensive blueprints and parts and can spawn anywhere. The downside to these sites is that failing a can will cause it to explode destroy your shiny new scanning frigate or NPCs will spawn if you linger for too long and will blow up both you and the cans.

Tips for Covert Research Facilities (Ghost Sites):
1) Warp to the site cloaked. (Omega Characters)
When a pilot warps to the site uncloaked or decloaks within the site, a timer is started. This timer is somewhere around 2 minutes for one pilot and seems to extend with more players in the site. This will allow you to get within range of a target can and save precious seconds
Pace yourself and be aware of your time. If you’ve just taken forever to pop a single can, do not be afraid to warp away from the site and end it right there. That extra can will never be worth losing everything because you can’t make it out
3) If you’re about to fail a hack, warp out.
These cans explode and do a large amount of damage when you fail them. Rather than lose your ship, just keep a calm head and warp while keeping the minigame window open. This will cause the can to explode after you have warped, as it considers any closing of the window or disconnection as a failure. Do not come back to the site after this, as you will probably die.
4) Use the “Keep at Range” or “Orbit” option to avoid a disconnect.
Data and Relic analyzers have a range of 5,000 meters and cannot function past that. If you are hacking a can and stray farther than 5,000 meters, you will be disconnected from the minigame and the can will explode.
5) For the Advanced Miser: Take a cargo scanner to scan all the cans and determine the best loot.
This is pretty self-explanatory. Just scan it and pick which one is the one you want. Do bear in mind that this will cost you precious seconds.

Abandoned Research Complexes (Drone Data Sites):
These sites are found only in the “Drone Regions” in NullSec. (Cobalt Edge, Perrigen Falls, Malpais, Oasa, Kalevala Expanse, Outer Passage, Etherium Reach, and The Spire) This means that other players will have no problem finding you and killing you, so always be prepared to run or fight. The site contains 3 containers to hack, but can contain valuable drone parts and BPCs. Failing these cans will not cause the can to be destroyed, but may spawn 3 hostile NPCs. Their damage is negligible and a single light drone will be enough to destroy them. You will not be able to hack again until they are destroyed. This site can also escalate into another drone site, which will be indicated by a message in the “Local” chat.

Sleeper Cache sites:
These sites spawn only in known space (Sorry wormholers) and present many dangers to the brave explorers attempting to access their treasures. There are three variants (Limited, Standard, and Superior) with their own size limitations and dangers. The only advice I can give is this: PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS. When I first started as an explorer, the clouds of gases killed me long before I figured out what was going on. Good spatial awareness will save your life.

EVE Wiki site guides:
Limited Sleeper Cache:
Standard Sleeper Cache:
Superior Sleeper Cache:

Wormholes: Essentially, wormholes are tunnels through space that can take you to another area of space. Wormhole space has no jump gates and is only accessible via wormholes. That being said, if you lose your probes due to disconnect or something equally crappy and have no bookmarks to show you the way, your options are to A) Kill yourself or B) Contact Eve Scout Rescue and hope to god you’re lucky. There is no “Local” chat and no way to determine if anyone is nearby other than use of the Directional Scan. Players can easily sneak up on you if you aren’t paying attention.

Wormholes have their own classification system and this determines what it contains. C1-C3 wormholes are your friend. Any other classification (Besides Shattered Holes) is useless to you unless you want to Krab or Jew. These wormholes will have a chance to spawn those delicious faction relic sites that we love and can even give you more connections to lower class wormholes. More wormholes = more money.

Shattered Wormholes are a special wormhole in which sites from all classes of wormhole can spawn. These are typically larger and contain a very large amount of both Cosmic Signatures and Cosmic Anomalies. These are a gold mine as long as you can keep your wits about yourself and stay safe from others.

For more information:



Hacking is a minigame encountered when trying to access Data and Relic containers. The objective of the game is to traverse nodes to reach the system core and destroy it. When you uncover a node, you will uncover tools/perks, defensive subsystems, or a number telling you how far you are from something useful (Think minesweeper).

Hacking is pretty straightforward, with EVE Uni covering it pretty well.
The one trick for hacking that will make your life easy and help you hack the most is The Rule of 6. The rule of six is  pretty simple: Any node completely surrounded by other nodes (all 6 sides, hence “rule of 6”) will almost ALWAYS be safe. The one exception is if the System Core is in the immediate vicinity of or occupying that node. Using this method will save time and frustration, hopefully increasing the isk you can make.

General Tips:

1) Always use D Scan

The Directional scan will save your life time and again if you just pay attention to it. In wormhole space, it is your only friend. Make sure to have the angle set on 360 degrees and spam the hotkey for it all the time. If you see probes, feel free to adjust the distances to see if your site is being scanned down. If not, you may have a bit more time to get that last can and get out

2) Use the “Keep at Range” option

Something that I have found effective when hacking cans is to use the “Keep at Range” option to stay 2250m away from a container. This keeps me close enough to loot a can without moving, but far enough away to activate my cloaking device if I need to.

3) Use common sense.

When making a decision ask yourself: Is it worth losing my ship? Chances are, that last can or that next site might not be too appealing when you know someone is actively hunting you.

4) Offload your cargo

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. That next site you scan may have someone waiting in it to kill you. Cut your losses and make that extra trip somewhere safe when you find yourself with an expensive cargohold. Your wallet will thank you.

Thanks for the read and fly safe! o7