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Fable Anniversary: Infinite Gold Guide

Hey there Kennnyg here, I was playing Fable Anniversery recently and as much as it's still just as fun as I remember and so nostalgic. If i were to "review" Fable Aniversery: it's amazing. The graphic updates look stunning in my opinion! Lets be honest if you are reading this you enjoy fable as much as I do! Anywho as I was doing my playthrough I get to the Arena and I say to my self "sweet I should try to do the hero save glitch and get that dank gold and exp boost". It didnt work, so I only get the once through Arena. Now to figure out how to get more gold! I want to share this guide I wrote for what i was able to find out.

Now in order to do this trick at the beginning of the game all you need to start is 214 gold. Spoiler you will be able to buy what ever you want in Albion if you follow this guide. So if you want to keep the gameplay vanilla and don't want to wreck everything in your path don't read any further!

After you leave the Heros Guild you are able to go to Bowerstone South. Depending on how you spend your time in the "tutorial" you may have to do the first quest (Wasp menace) to recieve the gold you need for this little trick. By the end of the Wasp Menace I had a little over 500 Gold. I know i said you only need 214 however this way you have plenty of gold for the tavern. This was enough to perform as I like to call it the dumb trader, I sold the wepons I got in the "tutorial" for the extra gold i was gonna need to get this done quikly. Once you enter Bowerstone south there will be trader to your right, as long as it is daylight out side. Lets talk to the trader shall we?

When the trader window opens it will be on "everything" tab. Cycle over to the little apple or produce tab if you will. You will see he has over a hundred green apples for sale also how many days it will take for the trader to receive his next shipment of Green apples. Leave the trader and head to the tavern, get some rest depending on the amount of days the trader has before he recieves the next shipment. When I got to this point I had to spend 140 gold resting in order for the trader to have max green apples. Good thing I had that extra gold from the "tutorial" wepons and the compleated quests.
When you go back to the trader you are going to buy all (214) green apples. To explain: the green apples show they are sold at 1 gold. There is a four in parenthes*(4), that's how much the trader is buying green apples for. You get a 3 gold profit per green apple, 642 gold for all 214 apples. If you have more green apples in your inventory sell them too it will only add to the profit! Do this how ever long you want for as much gold you want.
Move on to other products, as long as they are in large quanity and are selling for a profit. You can eventually do this with gifts, gems, wepons and armor make thousands of gold in a short time just buying and selling. With this simple guide you can be the richest man in Albion in no time. Good or Evil this will work for you! Play your style Hero!