What is the LGC Partner Program?

Legion Gaming Community offers a partner program to the shining members of our community that represent what we're all about!  Benefits of this include the following:

  • Promotion on our websites & others via our partnered ad network.
  • Priority featuring on content submissions for LGCs social medias.

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What are the requirements to join the LGC partner program?

  • Already be an active content creator on the LGC web platform.
  • Be an active and engaging member of our community.
  • Actively rep LGC on your social medias & streams
  • For streamers:  Stream an average of 4+ times a month for a total of 6 hours.
  • For Youtubers:  Put out a minimum 4 videos a month.
  • Note that if you produce content on both twitch & YT, you only have to meet one of those requirements.