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WINGSPAN Delivery Services discovers overstock of munitions


Starting at 21:00 EVE time, an element of Partisan Squadron embarked upon a secret mission with an incredible goal: destruction of a citadel and collection of the spoils. Meanwhile, Chance Ravinne (Head Delivery Pilot of WINGSPAN and Author) was on a mission of his own: a Lowsec roam in his favorite Tengu to deliver munitions to those who may not even know they needed them. Unbeknownst to both parties, their paths were soon to cross in a spectacular display that would please Bob.

At 22:20 the shouting started. "Tengu on the Lowsec! Tengu on the Lowsec! He's gonna catch me!". A looted T1 Industrial and it's unfortunate pilot were caught with their pants down and a cargohold that could Plex an account several times over. Burning back to the hole and jumping, our hero pilot manages to keep his biomass from becoming a sacrifice to Bob for enough time to activate his cloaking device. Chance, dutiful delivery agent as he was, gave chase in order to peddle his wares. "DPS Squad, remain on the Astrahus! Follow the backup FC while we try to save the Hauler." said the FC, calm as always. "FC, What do?" asked one nervous newbie "Apply DPS immediately when we land" said the FC, tense as his ship hurtled through the 90AU warp to his destination.

"He's getting closer! He's getting closer!" cried the hauler pilot, cloaked and unable to escape. The Tengu had made three passes near his location, getting ever too close for comfort. Like the sun breaking away from the clouds, salvation had come for the poor pilot, however, for the Partisan Agents had arrived to peddle their own wares to our dutiful delivery pilot. After a brief bit of haggling, a 24km hero point sealed the aggressive negotiations and the deal was made. By 22:23, Chance was departing in his pod, laden with all of the destructive wares of Partisan Squadron, including some brand new Party Bots™.

Thank you for choosing Partisan Squadron for all of your munitions needs o7