How can I get featured on LGC’s social medias, like facebook, twitter & IG?

We've got a forum for that!  Simply follow the guidelines & submit your content for review.  Please include a download link, any accompany text/quote you wish to have published with your content.  If approved, it'll get on the schedule to get posted!

How can I get my content featured on this site?

The only requirement is that you be registered on our website!

Check out our publishing guidelines, make sure your content fits it, and submit it!

What Is Legion Gaming Community?

We're a community of content creators working together to grow.  We were formed from a gaming community that still games, but our focused changed towards content creation.

So we turned out website into a social platform for content creators to publish on!  We have social profiles that feel similar to facebook, a forum, and encourage our creators to publish on our blog to be seen by the whole of the world!

What is the LGC Partner Program?

Legion Gaming Community offers a partner program to the shining members of our community that represent what we're all about!  Benefits of this include the following:

  • Promotion on our websites & others via our partnered ad network.
  • Priority featuring on content submissions for LGCs social medias.

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How do I get Creator Tokens?

Currently the only way to acquire Creator Tokens is by interacting on our website.  You get tokens for the following actions:

  • Daily loggins
  • Contributing content to the LGC blog
  • Getting views on your published posts
  • many different forms of interacting with other users (commenting on their blog posts, responding in the forum, or even just commenting on what they post on their feed.

What can Creator Tokens be used for?

Currently Creator Tokens can only be redeemed in our store for promotion on our partnered ad network.  In the future they'll be able to be used for more.

What are Creator Tokens

Creator Tokens are a virtual currency used on our website to reward creators for being a part of LGC!

What are the requirements to join the LGC partner program?

  • Already be an active content creator on the LGC web platform.
  • Be an active and engaging member of our community.
  • Actively rep LGC on your social medias & streams
  • For streamers:  Stream an average of 4+ times a month for a total of 6 hours.
  • For Youtubers:  Put out a minimum 4 videos a month.
  • Note that if you produce content on both twitch & YT, you only have to meet one of those requirements.