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LegionCraft MC

Welcome to LegionCraft, a brand-new Minecraft server with a focus on survival PVP gameplay and streaming content. We are in the very early stages of development and are looking forward to creating an exciting and highly engaging gaming environment for both streamers and their audiences. Our aim is to provide an immersive Minecraft experience that encourages players to explore, create, and compete with one another in a highly interactive multiplayer environment. We are dedicated to player engagement and feedback, and we look forward to crafting a community that is focused on creating compelling content and enhancing the overall gaming experience for all. If you're looking for an exciting new Minecraft server built from the ground up for streamers and their audiences, then look no further than LegionCraft!

Server Info:

Survival PVP
DynMap Available Here



Grief Prevention & Land Claims

Command What it do Notes info
/claimslist lists # of blocks you can claim as yours
/claim Claims the area around you This command is auto executed
the first time you place a chest
/unclaim Unclaims the claim you're standing in
/trustlist Shows a list of people allowed to edit the claim you're standing in
/trust Trusts someone to edit the claim you're standing in Useful if you're playing coop w/ a friend
/untrust Removes someones permission to edit the claim you're standing in
/accesstrust Give someone permission to use your buttons levers and beds Useful for guests
/containertrust /accesstrust && access to containers, crafting, gear & animals Useful for guests you like
/permissiontrust Lets someone grant their permissions on your claims to others Use this if you want your friends
idiot friends to rob you lmao

Quality of Life

Command What it do Notes info
/sethome Sets your home for /home
/home Teleports you home shared global cooldown
/tpa AnotherPlayerName Asks that player to teleport to you shared global cooldown

By Correnzo Volkov

Hi! I'm Correnzo. By day you can find me helping clients, growing their brands & solving their problems. By night you can catch me gaming with my buds and tinkering with tech!

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