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LGC’s Twitter Retweet Bot

LGC has a retweet bot that you can find by clicking here!

It's programmed to do the following:

  • Watch a real-time stream of tweets with the hashtags #twitch #twitchtv #smallstreamer.
  • Retweet every 45 seconds to stay just under twitter's rate limit.
  • Like going live posts to help them be seen by a few more people.

Thank you!

This service is limited by twitter's API rate limits.  It will post or RT no more than 2400 tweets a day.


Want to make sure your tweets never get missed?

It happens.  We get more mentions/tags than we can RT every day.  You can skip to the front of the line & help support us by buying Instant RT priority service.


By Correnzo Volkov

Hi! I'm Correnzo. By day you can find me helping clients, growing their brands & solving their problems. By night you can catch me gaming with my buds and tinkering with tech!

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